Digital Media and How Print Industry Capitalizes on New Media Opportunities

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“Digital Media and How Print Industry Capitalizes on New Media Opportunities”

30 April 2012
5:00PM – 6:20PM
Lopez Caseroom
Ground Floor, Asian Institute of Management, Makati City

Manny Fernando, President, MegaMobile (Mobile arm of the Philippine Daily Inquirer) | President of the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP)
Jv Rufino, Head of Inquirer Mobile, Editor in chief of
Imelda Alcantara, COO & Vice President for Operations, Inquirer Publications, Inc.

With the evolution of media and technology, we see a lot of “once-integral-now-redundant” products/ services all around us:

Who cares about walkmans now, when phone is a storehouse of music? What happened to 35mm film that photographers used, after the advent of digital cameras? Magnetic cassette tapes that were our prized possessions in our growing years are now a thing of the past! Would a similar thing happen to newspapers, with Digital media getting at the helm of almost everything? Would print newspaper media stand up/ crumble in front of the challenge that Digital Media posts OR would it evolve to strive along with the industry transformation?

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