Sutherland Convenes with AIM MBA Students

Sutherland Global Services came by the Asian Institute of Management last Tuesday, November 30, 2010 to give a company presentation and to discuss job openings to MBA students. Mr. K. S. Kumar, the Global Head for Operations together with Kumaran Mahendran the Client Relations Manager (AIM MBA 2009), Shridhar Aiyer the AVP for HR, and Vijayendra Nagar the senior manager for recruitment were in attendance.

Mr. Kumar gave the rundown about Sutherland, a fast growing multinational technology and business process outsourcing company who services the top companies of the world. Their company differentiates itself by leveraging talent across the globe where they are, for the right work to be done in the right places resulting to more efficiency. Working in Sutherland entails for high integrity, employee ownership, taking control, and working with ambiguity. There are scores of opportunities in this expanding organization, calling for employees to be ready to embrace and take on to create their own destiny. Their business is all about learning, training and development. They are looking for a career path for young leaders, in a management trainee path, who are flexible, and can do what it takes to be successful.

Mr. Aiyer further emphasized that there are two types of organizations, a multinational and an entrepreneurial. A multinational operates in a well managed environment while an entrepreneurial works with decentralization, innovation, and creativity, with a process that runs for themselves while taking risks.

The said event was brought to a close with a networking activity with the students. This was organized by the Career Management Services office headed by Khairy Alonto together with the kind efforts of Kumaran Mahendran.
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